February 2018  
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Barry Barnet is the son of Don and Ruth Barnet in Boyd Baptist Church. He was formerly a missionary in Spain with the International Mission Board (IMB).

Currently, Barry serves as the Director of Missions at Colorado Baptist Association in Wharton, Texas.


Barry has asked for FBA churches to partner with his churches in the Colorado Baptist Association in several missions and ministry projects.

If your interested in serving and helping Barry with the listed projects, please contact him directly or let me know ASAP.


 Barry’s cell number is 903.227.9019 or you can email him at thebarnets@gmail.com




 1. VBS / Backyard Bible clubs : Our Hispanic churches are crying out for these. Most of the churches have not had a VBS or Backyard Bible club outreach at all.

They need help to do these. They do not have materials, curriculum, and need help just structuring and organizing it for the first time. We will be able and available

to assist as well. The target group would be Spanish children / youth, but the majority of these speak English and prefer to communicate in English, while the adults 

communicate primarily in Spanish, but as I said, we will be here to help and assist as needed as well. Duration would be a week.


 2. We have one Hispanic church that needs a baptistery built and added into their building which is over 100 years old. The building needs some exterior remodeling 

as well and door frames replaced due to rotten wood and siding. The addition of gutters around the church building also is needed. They would provide food and additional

laborers as well. They would appreciate any help and assistance in carrying out this project. They would buy and provide the building materials needed.


3. We have identified at least one area in need of beginning a new work in Spanish using an existing Baptist church still in use, but only meeting on Sunday mornings. 

The small rural town has had a population shift and is predominantly now Hispanic, and the church wants to reach out to them and start a new work. We need a volunteer

 team to canvas and do survey work in this town, Spanish speakers would be ideal, if not we will provide Spanish speakers to assist int eh work. The idea is to plan and carry

out a block party, BBQ, and fun events to reach the Hispanics, and to establish a connection and to communicate our desire to establish a social, educational, and spiritual 

support group for the Hispanics living in the area.


4. Another established church is seeking to start a Spanish service and outreach and would need volunteers to begin the work through planning and carrying out special 

outreach events focusing on reaching the Hispanics in the area as mentioned before and above, for the purpose of establishing a Spanish Bible study and worship using

their church as a base to do this. ( Similar to above and fore mentioned church. )