New Church Plant in New Orleans

Lakeshore Church

Lakeshore Church will be the name of the new church replant in place of the former Pontchartrain Baptist Church.   They officially launch in February 2017. They have a core group meeting now in the building with about 50-70 in attendance on Sundays as they organize for launch.  I talked to the lead church planter (George Ross) today on the phone and talked about needs for the church.

Lakeshore Church will be located right off the southern shores of Lake Pontchartrain in a urban area of New Orleans.  There is 1 SBC church for every 7,200 people in New Orleans.  Research says that in a 1 mile radius there are 11,000 in population - lots of apartment complexes and duplexes.  They have a part time staff member that is working on leading ministry and outreach efforts.


Any questions about helping with this new church start please contat Brian Everett, 903-664-2377.